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I am Wahbé Rezek, 26 years old. My passion is creating smart solutions.

As an Industrial Design Engineer, I have learned to solve problems in a structured and directed way, and in divergent contexts. I have done research in the behavioural, multisensory and technological sciences, in order to substantiate my design & development process in a scientific way. I have also learned to take a user centered approach by making personas and scenarios. I found my strength and developed myself in managing projects and project teams.

In my free time I like to make videos, to travel, to educate myself and to discover new things. I am curious and therefore I am always looking for new technologies and developments that can be translated into a solution for modern-day problems and struggles.

Developing myself is something I find highly important. I do that through reading, watching documentaries, traveling, taking risks and mainly through starting conversations, every day.

Curious about what I have already done? Feel free to take a look at my portfolio!

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  • portfolio


    The indoor solar panel

  • portfolio

    VIDEO: In the land of Joao&Maria

    Capturing my life in Lisbon

  • portfolio

    Multisensory design

    Implementing nature to releave stress

  • portfolio video work

    Atrium redesign

    Dynamic interior space design

  • portfolio

    Kipster Clothing

    A clothing company in love with the chicken

  • portfolio

    Schiphol case

    Stress relieve and waiting time activities

  • portfolio


    Enhancing workenvironment by implementing nature

  • portfolio

    International in Twente

    Series about international students in Twente, written and produced by me

  • portfolio video work

    Interactive alumni column

    To find information about the faculty and its alumni

  • portfolio

    Vencer case

    Design sketching

  • portfolio

    TomTom challenge

    Interior design challenge

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